A Shot Is Worth A Thousand Milligrams

"Don't worry this will make you feel better." "This will stop you from getting sick."

The vaccines doctors give us are supposed to cure us. Stop us from getting sick. Stop us from getting that unsightly runny nose, a gruesome cough that makes a mother cringe when it escapes her child's mouth. That cough means that her child is sick and that shot was supposed to prevent that.

The debate of whether a parent should vaccinate or not vaccinate is a debate that has risen its ugly head in the last couple of years. It's a debate of whether the government has the right to require a parent to get their child vaccinated. If the government has the right to require a parent to vaccinate their child so they may attend school.

There's always two sides to every argument and this argument is not very different. There are the parents who vaccinate their children and the parents who do not vaccinate their children.

Parents who do not vaccinate their children do not want their children to get sicker or even worse die from the effects of the vaccination. At the same time, parents who do vaccinate their children want their children to be protected. They don't want their children to get extremely sick from the disease itself.

I understand both sides of the argument but there's no correct answer to either one, nor is there a perfect answer that would tell a parent what to do for their child. Every parent wants to do what's best for their child, but this is where the government should step up and appeal to both sides.

For example, it is a requirement by law for children to have certain vaccinations for them to attend school, but what if there was a school for children who were not vaccinated?

I know, crazy idea, right?

If anything this may make parents, as well as children, feel like outcasts, freaks, or feel as though because of their beliefs they are mad and undeserving of being a part of society. Yet, the idea of putting children with other children who were raised in a household similar to theirs with the same beliefs may not be such a bad idea.

There's so many theories and arguments regarding the idea of vaccinations such as, the government is implanting microchips in vaccinations or that the government is trying to impose more rules and regulations upon its American citizens, it would be impossible to say which is best.

The argument still stands. . .vaccination or non-vaccination?