Who I Am and Why I'm Here

I do not have a lot of blog posts and my blog is not extensive, well it's not to the point where I want it to be, but let me let you in on a little bit about me and why I started wanting to blog on an almost daily basis. My name is Christina and I am a recent college graduate (I just graduated in May and I do really mean recent). I recently moved from Houston, Texas to Austin, Texas. Yes that Austin, Texas where SXSW happens and overruns the city. The same Austin, Texas where ACL (Austin City Limits) festival happens every year. To sum it up, Austin is the music capital.

It's also the first city I've ever moved to where I've seen gentrification happen at such an alarming rate. There's almost no part of Austin that has not went through gentrification at this point and if it hasn't it will within the next year or two.

I'm here to use my blog to express my opinions, my feelings, my emotions, my values on a number of issues. A number of issues relating to police brutality, lgbtqiap+ issues, #blacklivesmatter and issues in general relating to the African-American community, but also the things I experience on a daily experience that I feel relate to some issue. I'm here to state my stance and how I feel about what's going in the reality surrounding me. But also hopefully in the midst of that stance, connecting with others who are also trying to do the same thing or just connecting with people because we feel and view things the same way and we both think each other are dope.

I also decided to make this blog public because I wanted others feedback. I want to know their opinions on what I have to say. I want criticism and I want honesty and the only way I can get that is by making this public.

That's my aim for the use of my blog and hopefully with future blog posts it goes the way I plan it.