The Cardi B Clapback

The Love & Hip-Hop reunion happened. The original Love and Hip-Hop by the way that takes place in New York. Although I haven't seen it yet, I did see the clip of Cardi B telling Peter Gunz the truth regarding his actions on the show and how he has treated both Amina and Tara making its rounds on the internet today. I won't give a full play by play of the conversation, but instead give you a clip of the scene (listed below)

Everything that Cardi B said was true and no, how and what she said was not wrong. Peter does make Amina and Tara look stupid every episode, he makes them look like they are less than what they are. He makes them look weak and vulnerable as if they need him for some odd reason. He needs to focus on his other women and his children, especially because he has 9 of them. And yes, women should treat men the way they treat them. As Cardi B was saying at the beginning of the video it's not hoeing when treating a man the same why he treats you.

But my real issue with the back and forth between Peter and Cardi was not the conversation or what they were talking about, but the way in which Peter spoke to Cardi B. Peter legitimately took offense to what Cardi B was saying about him and how he conducts himself as if he has never heard these things in the past from friends or family members. Matter of fact, in an earlier episode, his friend Rich Dollaz tells him he needs to stop doing what he's doing and to do and be better. Yet, when Cardi B tells him the same thing he says she's being "disrespectful" and that she should basically be quiet as if she doesn't know what she's talking about. I can't stand when men, black men specifically in this instance, who try to silence or dismiss a woman just because they don't like what she's saying. Just they don't feel like she should be saying it as if it's not her place like she can't speak the truth. Yet, men will tell women how they should conduct themselves, how they  should dress, what they should talk about, etc. Let's not forget when Ayesha Curry stated last year she preferred classy over trashy and how black men then proceeded to go in on women and how women should dress with more class and how more women should be like Ayesha Curry.

We have to get past dismissing and silencing others just because we don't agree with what they may say. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but we, as a society, also need to approach the issue of patriarchy and how we treat women in society. While the mistreatment of women in society may not be as overt as it has been in the past, it has simply become more subtle. The disrespect has become more subtle, yet men still show how they really think of women. We need to approach and face these subtle ways head on and then they will start to get fixed.

Leave your comments below and tell me what you thought of the Love & Hip-Hop reunion or what you thought of what Cardi B said.