Words On An Empty Page

It's hard a lot of the time to now find the motivation and the willingness to write about the issues taking place. Not only because there is so much legislation that is being drafted and passed that will affect so many working-class and low-income Americans, but also because of the rhetoric being thrown around by various politicians, including the President of the United States. I have been interested in politics, the history of the two dichotomies political party system, and interested in analyzing voters thinking processes and why people vote the way they do since I was in high school when I took my first government class. But this is the first time since studying these subjects, where I do not understand what people were thinking and what is going on in the United States anymore. Americans, White Americans and especially white women in the United States voted for a man who had no previous political experience to lead their country. Who spewed racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, remarks on an almost daily basis while campaigning for the presidency. Now once as the president of the United States, he is costing taxpayers, millions, if not billions of dollars in paying for his elaborate excursions and paying to safeguard his family who surprisingly does not live with him in the White House, but live in New York. A president who has elected individuals to his cabinet who consciously want to take away the rights from, individuals and families from receiving a good education, receiving healthcare, being able to afford housing, for the most part being able to make the best decision for them. This party that now runs the Presidency, Congress, and Senate, the Republican Party, are a party that always says they are for the people and believe in small government and not wanting the government to infiltrate or make decisions for people. Yet right now in the state, I live in, in Texas, there is a bill (SB 25) that is now headed to the Senate that would allow for doctors to not be sued or held accountable if a child is born with a disability, but yet the parents were not notified. In the state of mind of these Texas legislators, they feel as though they are defending children born with disabilities when instead they are allowing for doctors to willingly withhold information from patients to stop abortions.

Outside of that, we also have a president who put out an executive order that would bar individuals from certain countries that he deemed dangerous or a threat. What was not surprising is that all of these countries were countries in the Middle East included in this list from an article from Vox by Jennifer Williams, the list of targeted countries is Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen — all Muslim-majority countries as most racist white Americans think terrorists are Muslim and come from these specific countries. To me it is simple, people who support this executive order or believe it to be true are people who are afraid of anyone who looks differently from them or has a different culture so they would prefer to only interact with people who look like them. They are probably also the same people who believe discrimination is okay and that racism is a hoax.

I wish people understood that homegrown terrorism is actually our biggest threat not barring people based on your own racist beliefs. People who were born and raised here actually do more harm to your fellow man, versus people from other countries. For example, as Jennifer Williams states in the Vox article, The San Bernardino shooting that killed 14 people was carried out by an American-born US citizen of Pakistani descent and a lawful permanent US resident of Pakistani descent. The Orlando nightclub shooter who murdered 49 people was an American-born US citizen of Afghan descent. Let us also not forget, Sandy Hook, shooting as well as the Aurora, Colorado shooting that took place during The Dark Knight Rises.

These are only a few of the things that have happened since Donald Trump became president and only more and more keeps happening every day from accusations of wiretapping, investigations into meetings with Russia, as well as some cabinet members dropping out from the run in of being over certain departments.

To those who read my posts and my blog, my silence is not a silence of not being concerned, but is the only thing I am able to offer at the moment with everything going on. I will be back writing more and being more consistent (2017 goal) in the next coming month. Thank you for anyone who reads my work and resonates my words, I truly do appreciate it.

Does Political Affiliation = Negativity?

Almost a month or so ago Franchesca Ramsey engaged in a conversation with a user on Twitter about the hate she receives. The conversation was focused on the fact that Franchesca receives a lot of hateful, demeaning and sometimes racist comments from various people on Twitter as well as on her YouTube videos. If you do not know who Francesca Ramsey is then you should check her out on YouTube and Twitter. Franchesca Ramsey is a writer for the nightly show with Larry Wilmore, host on MTVs Decoded and she has her own YouTube channel (@chescaleigh). Do yourself a favor and check out her YouTube video on 4 reasons why white pride makes people uneasy because you know that should be explained like people don't already know this. Francesca Ramsey is not afraid to talk about the issues a lot of people would prefer to act as if they don't exist or are silent about as to not make others uncomfortable. One of the reasons this is, is because people honestly don't like to hear anything that goes against what they believe. If you are saying something that goes against another person’s beliefs, people tend to buck and respond with negativity and sometimes even violence because they are now being pushed outside of their comfort zone. This negativity is usually associated with talking about race, religion, abortion, or any other hot topic.

What was really interesting about this conversation is that a Twitter user made the point that the hateful comments seem to come from mostly conservative voters or people whose morals and ideals would be identified as conservative. The conversation really got me thinking. Are conservatives more hateful when on social media? Do they tend to leave more hateful comments versus liberals or independents? Or is this another case of media bias- the bias or perceived bias of journalists and news producers within the mass media in the selection of events and stories that are reported.

Most of the time when I am scrolling through Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube I never think that a person being hateful could be political…except when the issue the person is commenting on is political. I see the point the Twitter user was making when they initially said this. If the issue is regarding race, white privilege, gay marriage, or abortion I do think conservatives will comment and reply with more hateful commentary because issues such as these are going directly against the beliefs that are typically associated with being a conservative. I also think conservatives are so used to surrounding themselves with people like them, who have the same beliefs or who talk the same way as them, they do not want to hear anyone who would go against that. While I do not think that a person’s political affiliation solely determines their behavior on or off social media when discussing social issues, I do think a person’s beliefs will and does determine their response to certain social issues. A person’s decision to identify as a democrat, republican, liberal, or conservative, is based upon their beliefs, values, morals and ideals.

The degree of a person's hatred when interacting with someone who believes something different I think has more to do with the time we are living in. I think people think it is a bad thing to disagree with someone and automatically want to argue if someone has a different opinion. Because of social media, a person is now able to constantly surround themselves with people who think exactly the same way they do and get angry when they encounter someone who believes something different. It’s a matter of telling people that its okay to disagree with someone and it not lead to an argument or an attack of insults followed by that. We as a society need to work on our communication and learning how to talk to people regardless of what they believe. We get too caught up in titles, especially regarding politics and who people decide to affiliate themselves with.

So tell me below in the comments what do you think. Do you think a person’s political affiliation determines how they will react to certain social issues? Do you agree with the Twitter user that conservatives are more hateful?


How does a whole city's water system become contaminated with lead? Maybe you should ask Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan where this is currently happening. If you are not up to speed on the current situation happening in Flint, Michigan let me give you a quick rundown. The city of Flint is currently experiencing one of the worst causes of government negligence that I have ever seen. Flint, Michigan's water is/has become severely contaminated with lead.

No amount of lead is ever good for the body, for anyone, but lead is extremely dangerous for children and fetuses, making any female who is pregnant living in Flint, Michigan at extreme risk.

One of the main things I have been asking myself is how did this happen?

Flint's water problem was discovered in April 2014 when residents of Flint complained of the smell and color of the water. The city at the time was under the control of a state-appointed emergency manager, that's just the first problem.

As a "cost cutting" move that emergency manager decided to stop getting it's water from Detroit, which was treated by the Detroit Water and Sewage Department, but instead get water from the Flint River which would be treated at the city water plant in Flint. That is only the second problem.

The Department of Environmental Quality not only failed to treat the Flint River with any chemicals before the use of the Flint River, but the emergency manager also failed to replace the pipes and lead was pulled into the drinking water. The final problem.

It is now being reported that it seems as though not only did those within Flint's city government not care about the residents health or welfare, but have also went so far as to try to cover it up from being exposed.


How did the Governor of Michigan allow the people of Flint to have water so contaminated that it is now showing up in their blood stream?

How did the Governor of Michigan allow the people of Flint to have water so contaminated with lead levels so high that now the children living in Flint, Michigan will have future health problems?

It is a matter of negligence. It is a matter of accountability.

We, as voters, do not hold politicians to a higher standard. We do not hold our government to a higher standard. We do not hold politicians accountable for their actions. There are many politicians who have made tremendous mistakes at the state and federal level, but instead of us asking for them to be held accountable for their actions we gloss over the subject as if not expecting anything less. Yet, not holding the government or politicians accountable has caused situations such as the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

It was severe negligence on the end of the politicians and the government that they did not care enough about the residents of Flint, Michigan to make sure they had adequate and are drinking water. They do not care about the 8, 657 children younger than six who are now exposed to lead due to their negligence. They do not care about the unborn children of mothers who live in Flint. The individuals who visited Flint unaware of the situation at hand now exposed to lead.

The argument that the Flint, Michigan water crisis is a racial issue has now arisen shown in the image above.

Complaints of the smell, taste, and appearance of the water began in April 2014, which was now 2 years ago. They also raised health concerns and started to report hair loss and other problems.

The question that is presented is that if Flint, Michigan had been predominately white would the pleas and complaints of Flint's water have been taken more seriously?

The question is valid when residents complained and reported the appearance of the water to Flint, Michigan's Department of Environmental Quality they did not seem concerned with what they were saying. There was no sense of urgency on the government's end and there have also been reports that the government was lying by telling residents that the water is fine, more so trying to tell residents to be quiet, it's all in their heads.

It is evident that Flint is a predominantly black city where many of its residents are also working class or poor. Making the Flint, Michigan water crisis an issue of not only race but also class inequality.

To make the Flint, Michigan water crisis solely about race would be an injustice. It is about more than that. As I stated earlier it is a matter of accountability, it is a matter of negligence, and it is a matter of an underlining financial crisis happening in Michigan that no one knew how to handle.

It should cause Americans to ask who is the person orchestrating my government and who is behind the policy that will ultimately affect me? Who do I go to when things are going amuck in my city? Who will be held accountable?



Hillary Stop Dabbing

https://twitter.com/cthagod/status/686652209375916032 *sigh*

Oh Hillary. . .

If you do not know yet on January 11th Hillary Clinton went on the Ellen show once again and learned a new dance, the "dab."

The dab is done by predominantly black artists, actors, and athletes and can be seen being done on "Black Twitter" in the form of gifs or vines. Although, the dab has now become an internet craze and you can see individuals of all races and ethnicities doing the dab.

Let's be honest, the dab was done by black artists first and there's even an argument over who started the dabbing phenemonon within the black community, but that's beside the point at hand.

Hillary Clinton went onto the Ellen show and was taught the dab by one of the DJ's on the Ellen show who has not only had the "honor" of teaching Hillary the dab, but as well as the Whip and Nae Nae when Hillary appeared on the show previously.

The problem is not with Hillary learning to do the dab. Believe me, I have seen a lot of white people on twitter imitating as well as really committing themselves to doing the dab. The problem is this is a presidential candidate who instead of talking about substantial policy that would help the black community as more and more black men and women are dying at the hands of police officers or in custody, this presidential candidate is dabbing on national television.

The problem is that this is a presidential candidate who instead of talking about how black men now constitute nearly 1 million of the total 2.3 million incarcerated population. (If you do not believe me here's the link taking you nice fine people to the statistics)

The problem is this is a presidential candidate who has not only been secretary of state, but also the spouse of Bill Clinton. A past president who's campaign focused not only on minority voters, but who also landed the presidency by 83% of black votes and a whooping 61% of hispanic votes (Statistics here)

The problem is this is a presidential candidate who is dabbing on national television on the heels of the Tamir Rice verdict. A case where a 12 year old black boy was shot outside of a recreation center because he was playing with a BB gun. A BB gun that most kids, especially boys, play with but yet in Tamir Rice's case it cost him is life because he is black and in White America black boys are seen as threats before they are ever seen as children.

The problem is this is a presidential candidate who feels that the only way she can connect with black voters is by doing a dance that people do for fun instead of talking about real life issues that affect us on a daily basis. This is not only about the influx of crime against black people since the Mike Brown case because that is not the only thing that affects us. It's the systematic oppression, the way in which white people keep us and our children in food deserts meaning we don't have access to healthy food choices and that probably comes from white people wanting us to die faster. It's the income disparities between blacks and whites that keep us in these neighborhoods not allowing us to move up in hopes of something better. And before someone says, "Oh here another black person goes blaming white people" it's not a matter of me, or black people blaming white people for our problems, it's a matter we know these problems exist and they have always existed, but most white people choose not to acknowledge them. It's okay to acknowledge when bad things have happened and to take accountability for them. Once accountability is taken these problems can be fixed because these problems can then be talked about.

Hillary Clinton is a presidential candidate that is campaigning in the hopes of being the face of the United States and making decisions regarding our country. Yet, if these are the decisions that she is making as a presidential candidate running for office I am not hopeful of what she will do if she is to win office.

But that's it I'm going with Bernie Sanders.