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Cam Newton Is Not A Boy, He's A Man

Super Bowl 50 happened yesterday and it was the Broncos vs the Panthers. I’m not concerned about the Broncos. From the title of this post that lets you know who I am focused on, so if you would like to show Peyton Manning or the Broncos love you can kindly take several seats because that’s not the issue at hand.

The Broncos won the Super Bowl yesterday by a score of 24–10. It was more of a defensive game in my opinion and the team with the better defense came out on top. That’s cool, no big deal. I was not pulling for the Broncos, I was not hoping they would win, I am a Carolina Panthers fan. I have been a Carolina Panthers fan since I was 15, that was 10 years ago.

Let me be frank, nobody gave a fuck about the Carolina Panthers when they were doing terrible for seasons on end. Nobody gave a fuck about the Panthers when they were losing and when their team was a poorly ran organization. Yet, as soon as Cam Newton came onto the field dabbin once he made a touchdown, doing what people expected of him and what they felt like he should be doing it was great. Hell, the people who are now talking negatively against him were even dabbin with him. I saw a white man dab in front of the camera pre super bowl outside of the stadium.

And then the game started . . . And Cam Newton didn’t perform the way everyone expected or wanted him to.

I am a Cam Newton fan. Not stan, the two are very different, but I do love me some Cam Newton. But let me kindly remind those of you who have forgotten about the main aspect of sports: there’s no “I” in team.

What I saw last night was a man who was throwing and running for his life. Half of you who are talking negatively about Cam Newton can barely run 20 yards or throw a football, let alone play an entire NFL football game. There are differences between playing football for fun with your family and friends in your background and playing football for your livelihood. There are differences between watching football in your LazyBoy and thinking you can execute a better play than the coach or catch or run faster than the player and actually being able to do so.

My boyfriend has played football since he was 7 years old. We have been together for almost 10 years at this point and one of the main things I have learned from listening to him talk game after game after game is your whole team has to be behind you.

Cam Newton’s team was not behind him. They were fumbling, falling and playing as if they were in a daze. Whenever he would throw a ball no one wanted to catch it. It seemed as if Cam Newton was on the field by himself. Yet the Broncos played as if their life depended on the outcome of the game, at least, the defense anyway. The offense played in a way that left a lot to be desired but did just enough to edge out the Panthers, whose offense looked devoid of life outside of their lone touchdown drive.

People made statements about Cam such as, “He should have been practicing instead of dabbin.” Okay girl. “He was dabbing whenever he made a touchdown but now decides to play like a chump.” Actually, his team decided to play like chumps, which Cam’s stat line won’t show, but you know God forbid you decide to educate yourself on the game of football. Google is free and more people should use it before making comments.

Fast forward to the game now being over and social media explodes. Within the first hour, Cam Newton’s timeline is filled with statements such as this tweet from Kim Kardashians ex, Kris Humphries:

During Cam Newton’s post-Super Bowl press conference in the middle of being asked a few questions, he decides to walk off the stage and leave the press conference. People started to say Cam Newton was a sore loser and that he needed some humility. Really? Humility? I remember a certain player by the name of Tom Brady, who plays for the Patriots, who has walked off the field on various occasions. One of those was when the Patriots lost to the Giants in Super Bowl 46. Did anyone scream humility in that situation? Or was it okay because it’s Tom Brady and he’s loved by White America?

But this black quarterback should show more humility in this situation versus his counterparts who have done the same thing, displayed the same actions, but he should be more humble and be a better loser. I don’t know what its like to go to the Super Bowl, but I imagine if I just lost the biggest game of my career I wouldn’t be jumping for joy to talk to the press.

Rob Lowe decides to intercede and comment on Cam Newton’s behavior during the post-Super Bowl press conference.

First of all, Rob Lowe, no one asked for your opinion. On anything. Rob Lowe don’t come for Cam Newton unless someone sends for you, which no one did.

Second . . .*K4Z4DX1N8xiKCdhEQogvMg.jpeg

Bill Romanowski, an ex-Broncos player, decided to give his opinion on Cam Newton’s behavior during the post game press conference and that’s where things took a turn for the worst.

This retired football player decided to not only call Cam Newton, who is also a grown man, a boy, but also said he would choke him out.

Any white man calling a grown black male a “boy” is automatically racist. Period. But for him to go so far as to say he would choke him out, is disgusting.

I do not care if you decide to comment and say, “oh, no that’s not racist and Cam was acting immature and like a child.” Stop. What Bill said regarding Cam Newton was racist.

Bill calling Cam Newton a “boy” is racist. It is the context in which he said it is the problem. Certain words have certain connotation’s attached to them, but I’m sure he knew that. He could have used any other language or term besides the word “boy” but he used it on purpose because that’s how he thinks of Cam Newton. The term “boy”, in its historic context, is something white men and women would use towards black males because they thought of them as children. They didn’t think black males, let alone black people were educated or smart enough to think, make decisions or care for themselves. Which is where the term “boy” came in because children have to be taken care of and black males, black people, were thought of as children.

Bill calling Cam Newton, a grown man with his own family, a “boy” is not only racist but demeaning. It is even worse to realize that as a society we have not made greater strides from the time period of which this term was used so loosely to now, in 2016, where the term is still used so loosely with the same connotation and meaning behind it.

In the words of Crissles from the podcast The Read, words mean things.